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Betsey Johnson, The name itself brings us to the bright  hot pink label. Her style screams  feminine and whimsical, while her jewelry is a bold – chunky eye – catching statement piece.
I can not add enough pieces to my collection. I think it is always wise to add statement pieces to your wardrobe. Being shoes, clutch,jewelery,belt, hair pieces. Something that stands out and grabs attention.
I came across the BOLD,CHUNKY bracelet that when I seen it, it grabbed my eye! It is gold with snakes that wrap around a  cheetah and rhinestone engulfed heart with bold green leaves that branch out. Adorned by a heart and arrow clasp.

When I put this on my wrist it is proportional and the heart sits perfectly on the wrist in a raised appearance.
Price tag $ 125.00
That is not a lot to spend when you break it down. Considering you are buying a Designer piece, that will be the  focal point of your outfit; and have your friends wanting to know where you got this!


Remember, stand out, stand apart from others! You are unique and nobody can be better at being you, THEN YOU !
Until next time, Happy Obsessing !
From Obsessed Magazine