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I wanted to do this video in hopes to save you money..

It really is sad to throw hard earned money on useless products that don’t work out the window

when it could be applied to better products. From my own personal experinece. I am finding more and more that beauty products that are found at drug stores I.e right aid, cvs etc are in my book  not a winner.. Now I know a lot of you may disagree with my opinion; and I want to say” that it’s okay to disagree in the Beauty community”. I do like a lot of products that I find.  Let me go in to detail and again

I don’t mean all brands!  this is just the jist of it –

.  Let’s say you are going to an event where you are going to be photographed and you spend money on  new clothes,shoes, hair etc.. Then when it comes down to the most important part of the picture.. That everyone looks at most The face –  you are wearing a foundation that you spent $10.00 on.. The color does not match well, The famous line of demarcation that seperates your face from your neck..  is all so visible. as if that’s was not bad enough the sightly “Ghostly Pale Look” and  washed out; if flash is being used..

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought ” Why do my pictures look so bad?” Did you ever stop to think, its not you, its the makeup?

I feel with a lot of things you get what you pay for.. referecing back to brands. With todays technology in cameras HD.. which shows every flaw a man or woman has, its becoming harder and harder to trick the eye into perceiving a flawless face. Makeup Forever is a great brand that  targets the HD  world

If you can not afford to spend $ 45.00 for a foundation, that is understandable. My advice is to save up the money; and buy a quality foundation, and be colored matched.. it truly makes all the difference in the world. I am so tired of wasting money on useless beauty items and before I made youtube videos I never really bought drugstore items. Not that I think i’m to good to buy them, I just feel they are a waste of money in general. I can never ever go wrong with any Chanel,Bobbi Brown,Nars, Dior makeup that I have purchased.

I could go on forever, but I think you get the main idea of what im trying to get across Here is an example: Nars foundation $45.00 Maybelline Instand age rewind $ 18.00 almost half of nars.. and in comparison, it doesn’t even come close.

Hair care is on the TOP of my list – We spend a huge amount of money to have our hair done professionally to go home and use cheap shampoo !! WHY would you do that? Cheap shampoo has

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate !!

This removes and strips the color right out!! !! check on the bottle of your shampoo… all the color is being washed down the drain of your shower and fading your color!!

I attached the video to see the failed products of 2011

Until next time Be well and God Bless !!

xo Kelly Arcidiacono xo