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A wake-up call for tired eyes. Corrector is pink or peach-based to neutralize under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before Creamy Concealer. This long-wearing formula brightens dark circles with quick, just-right coverage that’s easy to blend and won’t crease. And since great makeup starts with healthy skin, Corrector is infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area.

I have noticed such a big difference since using this corrector then applying my concealer. If you are not concealing under the eye area properly, you are not gaining the full potenial of a beautiful you.  We all know that dark circles are extremly troublesome and hard to camouflage and can add years to you..

I always say” that the most important step in makeup is to conceal” making a flawless canvas to lay down our own art, our style, our creativity!

You should adapt  a routine that will help improve the skin. No amount of makeup will make bad skin 100 %

it can actually make it look worse; and again, add years to your apperance. The better your skin, the less you have to conceal.

This product is a life saver, it is creamy. I don’t find it settles or creases, just remember to use on the area of your dark circles.. It is not meant to be applied under the entire eye area, that is where your concealer comes in..

This retails for $22.00 You can pick it up at Sephora or your Bobbi Brown counter. If this is your first time I would go with an actual B B counter to be properly color matched.

So many times I hear people complaining about a product that it doesn’t work for them, when in fact they are using the wrong color!  be it  a foundation,  concealer, or corrector. It is important to be matched and read the direction on the best way to apply the product.

This is a overall great product and I give it 5 stars, it does what it claims, the price is reasonable, it doesn’t crease or settle in to fine lines. This has become a staple in my makeup collection.

Until next time, be well and God bless

Stay Fashionable XO Kelly Arcidiacono XO