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These are my top picks, One is my H G , one is my go to and the other 2 I really do like enough to repurchase.

My number one favorite for the last 6 years has been Diorshow, This is by far the best  mascara on the market. It doesnt get its reputation for being the leading mascara in the makeup industry for nothing!

It gives you dramatic, long full lashes, layer the coats and watch your lashes reach all new heights. They use this all over the runways. If your not a lover of false eye-lashes, grab this add a couple coats and voila long full lashes, no clumping, no drying. sexy lashes.

Next is my favorite goto mascara and its buy Lancome – Hypnois Drama, This is nothing short of fabulous, very moisturizing, very pigmented last all day. smells divine. like honey! Just be careful when you add layers it can clump slighly, but easily fixed with a mascara brush to seperate the lashes. Great product, well worth the price.

Lorac, is slowly coming into my collection of makeup products. This is a great brand. Everything I have purchased from Lorac, I love! The mascara Special Effects is wonderful . It has a added bonus primer step 1 and sterp 2 mascara. it really adds length to your lashes, non – clumping, easily removed well worth the price.

Lastly, is by Rimmel. They have some great products in there line of makeup. and there day to night mascara is a great product. Not only does it add length, with step one, it adds full on volume when you use step 2. your lashes are gorgeous!! Its not pricey and really does the job well.

I wanted to share with you, and hopefully if you’re looking for a new mascara, you will give one of these a try. You can’t go wrong with anyone listed here. Please check the video I have attached.

Thank you, and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!!

Hugs and Kisses      Kelly Arcidiacono