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Hi Everyone!!

I had so much fun filming this video! It was a pain to edit. it took me one full day.

This look is so simple and really very easy ! I used the Instant age rewind makeup for face,Jesse’s girl eyeshadow in color flamable rouge, maybellines lipstain in cherry crush, with jesse’s girl lipgloss over that in color ‘ Heartbreaker’ I used revelons black eyeshadow from the L E colors Masacara, and Lancome eyelinear in the waterline and Lorac on the top lid.. Added Jesse’s Girl sparkles in red – Glitter and adhesive. Make sure to use a cosmetic grade glitter that is safe for the face and use extra precaution when using glitter on or near the eyes. I wore a sparkle red satin top and matching Devil Horns, you could wear a red skirt along with this and red tights or a red leotard add your tail and accessories and you have a great costume!!

Wanted to wish everyone, that celebrates Halloween a very safe and fun night!! Video will be up soon for the Ghoulish Guveaway winner!!

Stay Fashionable xo Kelly Arcidiacono xo