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Hi Everyone,

It’s That time of year again. For all of you Halloween lovers out there. I personally love Halloween. It gives us a chance to be creative and play dress up. I can remember as a child/teenager the simple things about Halloween time  the month of Oct. In school (primary) The classroom would be decorated with pumpkins,black cats, ghost,witches and the calendar for each day we completed, would be x’d out with a pumpkin 🙂 The fun little crafts we would do in class like make a witches hat etc to going to this little store with my grandma and buying my costume, and my favorite CANDY CORN, and the little pumpkins!! Every year, I continue to buy these for tradition, and more so because, I like them.

I use to host a huge Halloween party at my home with half my home completely turned into a Haunted House.. I went all out, and for 31 days I worked on this project. To host a Costume Party, Much work but, I truly enjoyed it..  I hosted a giveaway on my YouTube Channel Please visit and enter. Is my continued gratitude  to each of my Subscribers That I have. I would love to hear form you down in the comment sections telling me what you love about Halloween time What special memories do you have?

The Video I created for this giveaway was a lot of fun and a ton of work involved with right under 2 mins

I estimated I put into filming and editing 8 hrs plus to finish this project. I love to learn all about editing and hopefully as time pushes fwd, My skills will be more and more professional.  I normally do not have anyone on the set with me while filming, as to not have distractions, However, this time I had a few and there were a ton of laughs and retakes. LOL.

Now I bought the so-called ‘professional fangs’ that adhere to your teeth with denture adhesive and it doesn’t work!! Hence in the video you see my fang crooked HA! I read that chewing gum works better… and you cant speak with them on very good..  Overall, I think its a pretty good Halloween video all the fog and fire was added in. Im a editing nerd and proud to be one 🙂 Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si52ZIOksIU

The winner will win a wet & wild eyeshadow trio , mascara, lipgloss black nail polish and a singed picture of me on the set.

Thanks for reading!!  Stay Fashionable      XO’S Kelly Arcidiacono XO’S